Strength Training And Nutrition Program

Our mission is to help you LIVE a HAPPY, HEALTHY life and get STRONG!

What We Offer

All of our Trainers at Lift With Laura are ISSA Certified as our commitment to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise!

Strength Training Program

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Our personalized training is a progressive overload based program, which is the KEY to see results. We will provide the right tools and guide you personally to achieve the results striving for. So, if your specific goals of getting stronger, gaining muscle or losing fat then following our program will guarantee you to reach your goals!

Nutrition Guidance

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We teach you the tools to get your diet under control. We help you focus on building healthy habits with a healthy mindset to get you to your goals and set you up for life !

Exclusive Online Community

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Get support, encouragement, & tips to help stay motivated throughout the program. We will not only guide you to success, but holding you accountable will keep you successful for life. I promise !! If you commit to the PROGRAM, be CONSISTENT and take care of your NUTRITION . You can completely start transforming your body ,build habits ,mindset and see some progress. And that may take longer than you expected , but long lasting healthy and sustainable changes takes time.

Who We are

Strength Training & Nutrition Coaching

Laura Ryan, Owner of Lift With Laura & Personal Trainer


Hi, my name is Laura and 5 years ago I decided to start my journey in the fitness industry not knowing how or where to begin.  I started off with group workouts at first and many challenges.  Throughout my journey I have gained many friends and have met a lot of inspiring people! About a year and a half ago I decided to push myself and prepare to take the next step as a fitness coach.

After months of studying and hard work I became certified. I started coaching and I just loved it! Everything from the smiling faces to the sweat dropping on the floor! I knew that this was the best decision of my life!! And now…. I’ve decided to take it a step further joining with some great friends and certified trainers and nutrition coach! I am so happy that we will be able to help you grow in every way throughout your fitness journey! The end results are that I am finally doing what I love in life! Interacting with people, helping people help themselves and watching them transform both mentally and physically! This is what truly makes me happy and I appreciate every one of you who decide to take the journey with us together!


Hi my name is Tegan. I get the pleasure of designing and running the weekly live workouts ! Doing live workouts and interacting with our members is what gets me out of bed every Saturday. I love the feeling of being together and how we push one another through another sweaty abs and cardio HIIT workout every week. I love the chance to check in with our members and have that connection time with them. I don’t just tell you what the workout is but I experience it with you. Come have some fun with us! 

Fitness has always been a passion of mine. As a busy wife and mom of 3, I needed to find something just for me. I did home workouts, and tried a few gyms. Once I found one I loved I never wanted to leave haha. So I decided to take it to the next level and take my personal trainer courses through ISSA. I become a certified fitness trainer in 2019 and have since specialized in both group and youth fitness. Along the way I have been very blessed to work with such strong, knowledgeable trainers, who are also great friends. We’ve been in this amazing adventure together to continue what we love: seeing people crush goals and live a healthier life style, and having some fun along the way.

Strength Training & Nutrition Program

Tegan Kenway, Personal Fitness Trainer

Strength Training & Nutrition Program

Alanna Rogers, Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach


My name is Alanna and seven years ago I fell in love with fitness and nutrition. I joined a boot camp hoping to lose some weight and my passion grew from there. Before long I was training for my first certification and began a new career in the industry. 

The learning never stops and after several more certifications and helping many, many, clients learn proper techniques in the gym as well as proper nutrition in the kitchen and that passion is just as strong as ever. This industry has been focused for far too long on the fear and vulnerability of people looking for a change, to better themselves for health and/or aesthetics, and that has got to change. Knowledge is power and information should always be shared and I make it my personal mission to do this very thing, to take the fear out of eating, of enjoying a healthy balanced life without having any guilt or shame surrounding it.

Becoming a Better You

Step by Step Guidance

What We Do

At Lift with Laura our approach to Nutrition is simple…we want you to eat!
Most of our clients come to us in a chronic dieting state, undereating for years and never seeing any progress. They suffer from hunger, cravings, fatigue, poor sleep, poor recovery, decreased libido, the list goes on and all because the industry tells them they need to starve themselves in order to lose weight.

When a new member joins our program we start by having them track their food in a diary or an app to see what a typical day of eating looks like for them. They track for a week before we start to build a plan personalized for their needs and goals. The education starts while they’re tracking this first week, we talk about cravings and habits and introduce them to ‘macros.’

Next we decide on calorie requirements depending on those goals. Most of our clients have needed an increase in calories even though they were wanting to lose weight. They’ve been undereating for so long any progress had stalled and they are frustrated to say the least. Usually within the first week of increased calories they start to see a change, whether physical or mental but it is apparent. Some lose weight, some have increased energy and feel stronger and all feel less tired and hungry and find they’ve stopped thinking about food cravings and binging.

Weekly check ins keep our members accountable and any minor tweaks needed are done also on a weekly basis. Twice weekly nutrition talks delve into anything food related from shopping and meal prep to different dieting phases to how sleep and hormones affect our weight and everything in-between.
Our mission is to educate our members so that the word ‘diet’ simply refers to the foods we eat freely and mindfully without any guilt or shame, so that not even one of them ever has to be on another restrictive dangerously low calorie fad meal plan.

Strength Training & Nutrition Program

What our Clients Say

Our Programs

6 Week Summer Program

June 13 2022
  • 6 Week Guided Workout Plan Tailored to Your Goals
  • Guided Strength and Conditioning Workout Routine
  • Guided Meal Plans with Recipes from our Nutrition Coach
  • Private Facebook Group Access for Tips & Support
  • Weekly LIVE Program Check-in with our Trainers
  • Access to the Lift With Laura Portal for Video Tutorials


Monthly Program
  • This Program Offers access to the Lift With Laura Portal Exercise Section
  • Strength Training Exercise Video Tutorials via the Portal
  • Basic Introduction Video Tutorials Offering Tips on Nutrition Tracking
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group Offering Accountability and Support
  • Our Trainers Provide you with a Training Program to Follow at your Own Pace

Macro Coaching

Monthly Program
  • This Program Offers access to the Lift With Laura Portal Nutrition Section
  • Nutrition Tracking Resources and Videos via the Portal
  • Access to our Daily Nutrition Tracking Forms Reviewed with you with our Trainers
  • Access to our Photo Submission to Review Your Progress with our Trainers
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group Offering Accountability and Support

1 On 1 Personal Training

3 Month Program
  • This Program Combines Both the Get STRONG and Macro Coaching Programs
  • Plus Our Team will Guide You on a One on One Personal Training Experience Tailored to Your Goals
  • All Access to the Lift With Laura Portal, Video Tutorials, Fitness Plans and Nutrition Resources
  • Progression Forms which are reviewed with you weekly to advise on Macronutrient Intake
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for Accountability and Support

Strength Training & Nutrition Program

Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY! Our programs are home firendly and you can also take them with you everywhere.  You only need a set or two of dumbbells/kettlebells, resistance bands and a foam roller.

Yes we do! There are video tutorials available to everyone in the program.  Explaining every single exercise step by step.  We also provide alternatives and modifications if needed.

No.  Our program takes you through a Progressive Overload training style.  Since each individual has a different training level the workouts are completed at your own speed, intensity and convenience.

We do however, 1 live workout session with a trainer every week.

Yes we do! Every Saturday we do a VIRTUAL HIIT workout.  Everyone gets the opportunity to interact and cheer each other on!

Yes! Once you become a Lift With Laura Member you have access to our exclusive online group! You will be provided with support, encouragement & tips to help you stay motivated throughout.  We will not only guide you to success, but offer you accountability to ensure you are successful!

We are now offering Portion Controlled Meal Plans as apart of our 2022 Summer 6 Week Program! We’re keeping it simple… no weighing, measuring or tracking. 

You’ll have the freedom to pick and choose YOUR meals from a menu of options with each macro amount customized to fit your CALORIES! That’s right, we’re only focusing on PORTIONS and CALORIES keeping it simple! We want you to enjoy your summer and stop sweating the science.

Contact Us for more details or see program details to register today!

Since there’s no specific ‘meal plan’ and no foods are off limits, any allergies or preferences can certainly be taken into consideration.  We provide our members with weekly support on their nutrition to offer alternatives suggestions for their personal nutrition plan if requested.

If you enjoy white bread, of course! You can also eat potatoes and fruit! We show you how to have a healthy sustainable diet with no restrictions.

If you have no underlying medical condition you should be fine. We focus on high protein to help repair and build after our strenuous workouts, and protein is highly satiating so we stay fuller for longer. Win, win!

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