Hyper – Extension / Glute Focus

  1. The pad should be placed just in front of your thighs, just below the hips. If the pad is too high, your range of motion will be too limited.
  2.  Make sure your toes are slightly pointing outwards, as the position of your toes will be an important detail in this glute-focused variation of the hyperextension. This change in your foot position makes the glutes work even harder and makes it more difficult for your hamstrings to assist, meaning your glutes are isolated and doing most of the heavy lifting. 
  3. In order to power the glutes, you should have a slight round in your upper back. Curving your back helps create a posterior pelvic tilt, limiting the motion of your back so again, the glutes are isolated and doing all the work! 
  4. Start to lift and lower your body as you would during a normal hyperextension. With your feet pointed forward and your back slightly rounded, you should feel all the power coming from your glutes.